Asphalt Overlay for Residential Driveway in Tulare CA

Tri County Asphalt Inc is the most experienced paving company in Tulare CA and surrounding communities, and we’re proud to help local residential property owners in California’s San Joaquin Valley improve their properties with new paving. Recently a homeowner in Tulare was having some problems with their residential driveway, and they weren’t sure what paving company to turn to.

The homeowner did a Google search for the best residential paving company in Tulare CA, and Tri County Asphalt Inc was the result. They were impressed by our online presence and customer testimonials, so gave us a call. We were able to get out to their scenic residential property quickly for a professional pavement inspection to see what kind of pavement repair or maintenance services were best.

Pavement maintenance services include things like sealcoating, which can smooth and protect a asphalt pavement that’s got a few little cracks or surface damage. Our paving experts discovered that this Tulare CA driveway was past the point where pavement maintenance services could help, and we discussed asphalt repair options with the property owner. They chose asphalt overlay services, which involved grading the existing driveway and then applying a new layer of hot asphalt.

The Tri County Asphalt crew were able to get the asphalt overlay performed in record time, and our new client was very pleased. They thought their new asphalt driveway looked great, and the work was right within their budget.

For this level of paving service for your asphalt driveway, contact Tri County Asphalt Inc today!

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