Asphalt Paving for Bakersfield CA Apartment Complex

Some asphalt paving projects are more complicated than others, depending on the pavement age and damage. At an apartment complex in Bakersfield CA, Tri County Asphalt recently tackled a paving project that presented some challenges. Their parking lot asphalt was failing; it had cracks, potholes, and deterioration in different areas. There were also covered parking areas that had support beams installed in the asphalt that our crew had to work around.

If there’s any asphalt paving contractor that’s equal to a complicated job, it’s the trained and dedicated paving crew at Tri County Asphalt! An asphalt expert was available to get out to the apartment complex right away. After a thorough pavement inspection, we discussed the work with the property owner and decided that repaving the parking area would be more cost efficient than asphalt patching, crack filling, and sealcoating various damaged areas.

While it may sound more involved to completely demolish and repave asphalt, it is the best way to bring a parking lot back to full function if there are lots of potholes or cracks. Deterioration of asphalt can get into the base layer, making it unstable, so it can be more efficient to remove damaged pavement and lay down new asphalt. This is what we did at the Bakersfield CA apartment complex.

The property manager loved their new, smooth asphalt parking lot and was impressed that we were able to work around the covered parking structures. We also made sure that the parking area had drainage so that it wouldn’t get waterlogged. If you need asphalt repair, know that Tri County Asphalt is the right one to call!

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