Asphalt Resurfacing


When your parking lot or driveway has large spots of deteriorated pavement, there are some serious asphalt paving services to consider: resurfacing or replacement. Only a reputable paving company can bring your pavement back to full function and protect it for decades.

Tri County Asphalt: Your Asphalt Resurfacing Experts in Fresno CA

With over twenty five years of asphalt paving experience in and around Fresno CA, Tri County Asphalt Inc are the trusted asphalt repair and resurfacing experts for commercial clients and homeowners in communities like Madera CA, Porterville CA, Visalia CA, Lemoore CA, and Bakersfield CA.

Asphalt Resurfacing Versus Total Pavement Replacement

Faced with large areas of broken pavement, property owners need to know that they have options. Depending on the severity of the pavement damage, there are three separate asphalt repair options that your local paving company can perform.

Asphalt Milling & Overlay

The milling process removes the top layers of asphalt with specialized paving equipment, leaving a surface that’s textured for superior binding with the new top layer of asphalt. An overlay is the addition of a new layer of asphalt over old pavement.

Asphalt Repaving

Repaving also uses asphalt milling equipment to remove asphalt at a lower depth than a typical overlay repair. Often, the gravel base will undergo repairs before a brand new layer of asphalt is applied. This process is somewhere between an overlay and reclamation in terms of expense and intensity of the work.

Asphalt Reclamation

Total pavement replacement, also called asphalt reclamation, is an expensive process that involves removing and recycling all layers of pavement, and then pouring new layers of asphalt, for complete replacement of damaged asphalt pavement.

Why Choose Tri County Asphalt for Asphalt Resurfacing?

  • Professional Communication – We will keep in touch throughout the asphalt resurfacing project to make sure that the whole process moves smoothly, and we’ll work with you to keep your pavement looking good.
  • Paving Technology – We have the right paving equipment to perform the most advanced asphalt repair processes in the least amount of time.
  • Quality Materials – Our paving contractors use only the highest quality commercial grade asphalt materials on every job.

Contact Tri County Asphalt Inc, Fresno CA’s trusted asphalt resurfacing company, if your area parking lot or driveway needs some work! We’ll work closely with property managers or owners to find the most cost-effective and efficient asphalt resurfacing solution for you.

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