Asphalt Sealcoating, Parking Lot Repair and Line Striping in Clovis CA

Regular pavement maintenance is so important for property managers to keep commercial and even multi-family residential properties safe and beautiful, but unfortunately ongoing asphalt maintenance services are often forgotten. Missed asphalt maintenance leaves parking lots and roadways open to damage from water, sun, and wear. That’s why it’s so important for property managers to partner with their local asphalt paving company for ongoing maintenance services.

A property manager in Clovis CA contact the most trusted paving company in Fresno County California, Tri County Asphalt Inc, in order to revitalize and protect their commercial parking lot and keep their visitors safe. Their parking lot had suffered some damage from wear and tear, including a pothole, surface deterioration, and faded parking lines. This last one is very dangerous, as faded pavement markings can lead to accidents.

To correct these problems, the asphalt professionals at Tri County Asphalt Inc recommended several different pavement maintenance services. First, parking lot repair filled in potholes and cracks on the asphalt surface to make it smooth. Next, they applied an asphalt sealcoat to the entire parking lot, which revitalized the damaged surface while also providing a layer of protection against weather. Finally, we restriped their parking lot using highly reflective, durable pavement paint.

With these parking lot maintenance services, we were able to take the Clovis CA commercial parking lot from drab and uninviting to smooth, beautiful, and safe! The property manager was so pleased that they contracted with our team for ongoing maintenance. It’s recommended that high traffic pavement gets repainted and sealcoated once every few years, so this is the smart move.

To keep your local parking lot looking good over the years, contact Tri County Asphalt Inc, Clovis CA’s trusted paving company.

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