best PRACTICES for Asphalt maintenance

Asphalt is a bigger part of our everyday lives than we tend to realize. Have you REALLY stopped to think about how to maintain it? Asphalt, made of rock, sand, and tar, is designed to flex, but also stay super strong under the pressures of traffic. However, after time asphalt tends to be beaten down by harsh weather, water, the sun, and long periods of heavy traffic. Under these conditions the asphalt tends to crack, develop potholes, and turn a grey “dried out” looking color. This grey color is due to the asphalt oxidizing, when this happens, the best thing to do is seal it!

Sealcoating is absolutely essential to parking lot maintenance. Sealing the asphalt protects it from becoming brittle, cracking, and oxidizing and should be done every 2-4 years. This process is very easy- and should be considering top priority in asphalt maintenance because it will prevent costly repairs in the future. Asphalt with a lot of cracks need a little bit of special attention. These cracks, even if small, need to be filled to prevent further damage. Cracks with weeds should be cleared first, as weeds have the same effect as ice on pavement.

There are two types of crackfill-

  • Cold pour: This is used to fill smaller cracks, around ½” in width.
  • Hot pour: This is used to fill larger cracks- up to 1” in width.

Crackfill with help keep water and debris, and can help keep cracks sealed for up to 4 years.
You can keep your property looking good by doing little things too. Keeping the asphalt swept and clean of debris with not only keep it looking nice, but will prevent them from clogging drains- which causes water to pool and harm the asphalt. Clean any oil stains quickly, as they can be damaging as well.

Last but not least, keep your property safe and looking great by making sure to have your pavement re-striped whenever the paint starts looking faded.

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