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Asphalt Paving for Bakersfield CA Apartment Complex

Some asphalt paving projects are more complicated than others, depending on the pavement age and damage. At an apartment complex in Bakersfield CA, Tri County Asphalt recently tackled a paving project that presented some challenges. Their parking lot asphalt was failing; it had cracks, potholes, and deterioration in different areas. There were also covered parking areas that had support beams installed in the asphalt that our crew had to work around.

If there’s any asphalt paving contractor that’s equal to a complicated job, it’s the trained and dedicated paving crew at Tri County Asphalt! An asphalt expert was available to get out to the apartment complex right away. After a thorough pavement inspection, we discussed the work with the property owner and decided that repaving the parking area would be more cost efficient than asphalt patching, crack filling, and sealcoating various damaged areas.

While it may sound more involved to completely demolish and repave asphalt, it is the best way to bring a parking lot back to full function if there are lots of potholes or cracks. Deterioration of asphalt can get into the base layer, making it unstable, so it can be more efficient to remove damaged pavement and lay down new asphalt. This is what we did at the Bakersfield CA apartment complex.

The property manager loved their new, smooth asphalt parking lot and was impressed that we were able to work around the covered parking structures. We also made sure that the parking area had drainage so that it wouldn’t get waterlogged. If you need asphalt repair, know that Tri County Asphalt is the right one to call!

Asphalt Paving in Bakersfield CA

At Tri County Asphalt, we’re proud to help clients in and around the San Joaquin Valley California with their asphalt paving needs. We were recently contacted by a property manager in Bakersfield CA about their parking lot, which had begun to deteriorate, especially in the driving lanes. They needed some paving work done, but they were worried about a couple of factors: scheduling the work during off-peak hours and preventing their covered parking area from getting damaged.

The dedicated Tri County Asphalt crew was happy to work around their schedule to get work done while minimizing interruptions to their business and damage to areas of whole asphalt. We also assured them that we could make a seamless repair of their damaged pavement to make their whole parking lot look good as new and cohesive.

After a thorough pavement inspection, we determined that a full asphalt replacement needed to take place. Sometimes, asphalt resurfacing services can save damaged pavement by replacing just the top few layers of asphalt. However, these services don’t work on pavement that has developed deep cracks or problems with the gravel base layer.

After scheduling the work for a time when the business was closed, the expert Tri County Asphalt contractors got to work. First we removed damaged asphalt and hauled it away for recycling, and then applied high quality asphalt to the prepared surface for a brand new parking lot. Our Bakersfield California client was very pleased with their new asphalt, especially the scheduling and respect for their property.

Want to get this level of service for your property? Call Tri County Asphalt, Bakersfield CA’s trusted pavement repair company right away!

New Asphalt Chip Road and Parking Area in Porterville CA

At TriCounty Asphalt, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients with affordable paving options, and we recently got to do that for a new client in Porterville CA. A ranch owner had a problem with their roadways and a parking lot that was paved with gravel. This customer needed to control dust and mud kicked up by their roadways, and they wanted a stable driving surface to keep vehicles safe.

We answered their phone call immediately and quickly got out to the property to inspect it. Then we consulted closely with the property owner to determine the best solution to their roadway woes while staying within their budget. Turns out, our SteelRoad Chip Seal process solved their dust and mud problems for a fraction of the cost of asphalt paving.

What is chip sealing? It costs less than asphalt installation because it uses only a thin layer of asphalt that has aggregates (or chips) pressed into it by rollers, and the pavement is then compacted for stability. Though chip sealed roadways and parking lots can be somewhat less durable than asphalt paving, they are stable and less expensive than asphalt.

For our Porterville CA property owner, we installed a new asphalt chip roadway and parking area for them, and they were glad they chose the SteelRoad product. With a brand new paved road and parking area, their gravel road problems are no more.

If you want a paving company that centers your needs and respects your budget, look no further than TriCounty Asphalt Inc, Porterville CA’s trusted paving company.

Asphalt Paving Project Near Visalia CA

It may be hard to believe, but commercial asphalt isn’t just for retail parking lots. Your reputable asphalt paving company can help commercial property owners with a wide variety of sites to help make their jobs smoother, whether that’s manufacturing or farming. Recently, a property owner in Exeter CA with an agricultural business needed help with the land around their silo. At first, they weren’t sure who to call. After searching online for “the best paving company around Visalia CA,” Tri County Asphalt Inc was their first call.

Our experienced paving contractors were excited to help! First, we sent a trained pavement expert to inspect the site for free. After looking over the existing pavement on the property and listening to the customer’s concerns about dust and weeds around their silo, we worked out a budget-friendly asphalt paving project.

First, we removed some of the gravel as well as the vegetation and rocks on that area. Then we used compacting machines to grade the land, making sure water would flow away from the silo and the new pavement. Finally, we applied commercial grade asphalt in several levels in order to create the strongest pavement that would stand up to heavy trucks and last for decades.

The customer had been bothered by the dust and weeds in the area around their silo for a long time, and they were happy to have it looking good finally. If you’ve got some land in California that has been bothering you, contact the area’s most trusted paving contractors, Tri County Asphalt Inc.

Asphalt Patching and Sealcoating in Fresno CA

Have you ever driven up to a business, seen a horrible parking lot, then driven away? Then you understand how important the parking lot is to a commercial property. To attract and keep customers, your asphalt parking lot should be free of hazards and look good. A Fresno California business owner found this out the hard way when their damaged parking lot led to a dip in business.

After searching for the most reputable paving company in Fresno, Tri County Asphalt Inc was the company they called. We were happy to get a parking lot expert out to the commercial property for a thorough inspection. When consulting with the property owner, we found out they didn’t have the budget for full depth asphalt replacement, and we were able to accommodate that with some cost-effective asphalt repairs to restore their parking lot as well as sealcoating services to protect the pavement in the future.

The parking lot had areas that were sunken, creating trip hazards. Using a service called asphalt patching, we removed those damaged pavement areas in order to replace it with properly installed asphalt. After compacting the patches to make sure the entire surface matched, we applied asphalt sealcoating over the parking lot and repainted traffic symbols and parking stripes. Our new Fresno CA business owner really loved their new parking lot, especially when their business picked back up!

Thinking about restoring your damaged commercial parking lot? Contact Tri County Asphalt Inc, Fresno CA’s trusted paving company, for your free pavement inspection today!

Chip Seal and Asphalt Repair in Tulare CA

It can be tough for property owners when they’re faced with asphalt paving costs. When a parking lot, roadway, or commercial pavement gets damaged, the thought of expensive pavement repair can be daunting. But your local commercial paving company wants to help. In Tulare CA and surrounding communities, Tri County Asphalt Inc is this reputable and caring paving company, and we recently helped a local business owner upgrade their commercial pavement for a fraction of the cost they were expecting.

One of the ways we can help reduce commercial asphalt paving costs is with a process called chip sealing. A chip seal is a process that uses a thin layer of asphalt topped with layers of aggregates like crushed stones (or chips!). This is an ancient way of paving roadways, and offers several advantages over traditional asphalt paving, including lower costs.

Our Tulare CA business owner had a gravel roadway that was causing problems for his trucks with lots of dust obscuring visibility and little rocks damaging vehicles. Unfortunately, asphalt paving wasn’t in their budget, but the Tri County Asphalt commercial paving team was able to help with chip sealing and asphalt repair services. We provided a stable base over the existing gravel and soil. Our client was very happy with the results, saving money not only on paving but on vehicle maintenance.

If you need custom commercial pavement solutions for your local business, contact the asphalt paving pros at Tri County Asphalt Inc for a free estimate today!

Parking Lot Sealcoating Project in Visalia CA

At Tri County Asphalt Inc, we care about our local business owners, and we understand that completely replacing a parking lot can be a scary and costly project to undertake. We were recently contacted by a Visalia CA business owner who had a parking lot with cracks, damage, and a deteriorated surface. They were convinced they’d have to pay for a full pavement replacement.

After searching for the “best paving company in Visalia CA,” Tri County Asphalt came right up, and they gave us a call! One of our parking lot experts got right out to the property for a thorough pavement inspection, and we were able to recommend some parking lot repair services that would bring their pavement back to full function without breaking the bank. The business owner was pleasantly surprised!

Our parking lot sealcoating project in Visalia CA started with asphalt patching, which is when paving contractors remove and replace just a certain area of pavement. Next, we performed crack filling services on all the surface cracks, sealing them over and creating a solid surface. Next, we applied a sealcoating over the entire parking lot to smooth and protect the entire parking lot. Finally, we restriped the lot, painting over the parking lines and handicapped parking symbols. Their parking lot looked brand new!

Parking lots are a vital part of your business curb appeal, drawing in customers by showing you care about your commercial property, so it’s important to keep them in good repair. To get the best parking lot maintenance services in Visalia CA, Tri County Asphalt is the company to call.

Asphalt Sealcoating, Parking Lot Repair and Line Striping in Clovis CA

Regular pavement maintenance is so important for property managers to keep commercial and even multi-family residential properties safe and beautiful, but unfortunately ongoing asphalt maintenance services are often forgotten. Missed asphalt maintenance leaves parking lots and roadways open to damage from water, sun, and wear. That’s why it’s so important for property managers to partner with their local asphalt paving company for ongoing maintenance services.

A property manager in Clovis CA contact the most trusted paving company in Fresno County California, Tri County Asphalt Inc, in order to revitalize and protect their commercial parking lot and keep their visitors safe. Their parking lot had suffered some damage from wear and tear, including a pothole, surface deterioration, and faded parking lines. This last one is very dangerous, as faded pavement markings can lead to accidents.

To correct these problems, the asphalt professionals at Tri County Asphalt Inc recommended several different pavement maintenance services. First, parking lot repair filled in potholes and cracks on the asphalt surface to make it smooth. Next, they applied an asphalt sealcoat to the entire parking lot, which revitalized the damaged surface while also providing a layer of protection against weather. Finally, we restriped their parking lot using highly reflective, durable pavement paint.

With these parking lot maintenance services, we were able to take the Clovis CA commercial parking lot from drab and uninviting to smooth, beautiful, and safe! The property manager was so pleased that they contracted with our team for ongoing maintenance. It’s recommended that high traffic pavement gets repainted and sealcoated once every few years, so this is the smart move.

To keep your local parking lot looking good over the years, contact Tri County Asphalt Inc, Clovis CA’s trusted paving company.

Chip Sealing on Parking Lot and Roadway in Porterville CA

Property owners looking for advanced asphalt paving solutions in Central California may be worried about getting a reputable paving company to help, but they have a friend in Tri County Asphalt Inc. We’re the trusted paving company for communities all over Fresno, Kern, and Tulare Counties in CA. With years of experience with all sorts of asphalt paving projects, we can find the right paving services to meet any local needs.

Recently we were contacted by a commercial property owner in Porterville CA for parking lot and roadway paving. Their property needed a lot of work to get up to full function and keep their employees and customers safe with quality asphalt paving services. The dust and mud created by their gravel parking lot and commercial roadway were creating serious problems for drivers, and they didn’t have the budget for a full asphalt parking lot and roadway. We worked closely with the property owner to determine the best paving services for their needs without breaking their budget.

After consulting with them, we determined that we could help them with a special chip sealing process. Our proven SteelRoad chip rock asphalt sealing process helped create a stable, long-lasting paved surface that looked really professional and would last for years. Our new Porterville CA was overjoyed with their new parking lot and roadway, and thought that our SteelRoad process was the perfect solution. They were happy to save thousands of dollars on their work, and said they would definitely use Tri County Asphalt in the future.

To get this kind of service, contact the paving experts at Tri County Asphalt Inc today!

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