Best Asphalt Paving Contractor in Clovis CA

With over 25 years in the asphalt paving industry, Tri County Asphalt Inc has the most advanced paving technologies to help Clovis CA commercial property owners and homeowners get the most durable asphalt and concrete pavement possible. We install parking lots, roadways, driveways, sport courts, and industrial pavement all over Central California, serving communities large and small.

Best Paving Company in Clovis CA

  • All our paving contractors are fully licensed and trained in all aspects of paving, so that we can offer our local clients the very best in asphalt services.
  • We source only high quality, commercial grade paving products so that every repair or pavement installation is long lasting and safe.
  • Maintaining complete customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so we communicate clearly before, during, and after every pavement project.

Explore Historic Clovis CA

Located in Fresno County California just 7 miles northeast of Fresno CA, Clovis is a city with a 2020 US Census population of just over 120 thousand residents. Being close to Fresno, the town is considered a suburb, but it has its own history and fun things to explore and enjoy. The community began in 1890 as a commercial stop along the San Joaquin Valley Railroad. In thea early 20th century, development in the area was driven by the railroad and fueled by the lumber industry, and many street names were taken from railroad and logging magnates.

The town’s slogan is “Clovis: a way of life,” and this slogan is upheld by lots of community events to create this way of life. The most famous is the Clovis Rodeo, held since 1914 in the last weekend of April, but they also host other annual events such as the ClovisFest, Big Hat Days, and the Friday Night Farmers Market. All in all, Clovis CA has a small town feel with all the modern conveniences and amenities. There’s a lot to see and explore like the Wild Water Adventure Park and the Forestiere Underground Gardens, as well as local shops and restaurants.

Asphalt Milling and Overlay in Clovis CA

California property managers need to keep their pavement assets in mind when it comes to improving their commercial properties. It can be hard for a property manager to know where to turn, however, when there are problems with their parking lot or asphalt pavement. You want a paving company with experience in your area that will center your budget and needs when determining the best asphalt repair services.

In Clovis CA, this paving company is TriCounty Asphalt, the most experienced asphalt repair contractors in the area. We have over 25 years of experience in asphalt paving services ranging from parking lot installation to drainage repairs, and we can tackle even the worst damage to your commercial pavement.

Our Clovis CA property manager had damaged pavement on a multi-family property, and the areas under some carports were especially damaged. As it was a tricky area to pave, they were worried about getting the job done, but the paving contractors at TriCounty Asphalt were up for the job! Working around structures like carports or parking lot islands can cause issues for some paving companies, but not us!

After an inspection, we determined that an asphalt overlay would be a good repair for this property. An overlay involves laying a fresh layer of asphalt over existing pavement, and it can totally revamp a property. Once we were done, the parking lot, even under the carports, was good as new! The property manager said the TriCounty Asphalt crew was easy to work with, and they thought their new asphalt was great!

Need this level of service for your property? Contact TriCounty Asphalt Inc right away!

Pavement Repair Options for Clovis CA Property Owners

When you get a pothole, major cracks, or an uneven surface on your pavement, it can be a frightening thing for California property owners to consider. But your local pavement experts have a ton of pavement repair options that can put things back to rights without breaking the bank.

In Clovis CA, Tri County Asphalt Inc is the paving company with the best asphalt repair processes for local clients. We have decades of experience and a dedication to quality pavement work, so we can get your parking lot, driveway, or roadway fixed under budget and within your timeline. Let’s look at how.

Pavement Repair Options for Clovis CA Property Owners

Crack Repair Options

While a few cracks may not seem like a big deal, if left untreated, they can grow and deepen until you have whole areas of asphalt that are broken. Crack filling stops this process in its tracks and keeps pavement whole.

Asphalt Patching Services for Deep Pavement Damage

When there’s pavement deep damage like potholes, the best course of action is usually patching services. In this pavement repair process, paving contractors cut around damaged areas, break up and remove the pavement, then replace it with fresh asphalt. This is compacted so that it matches the existing pavement for a permanent repair.

Asphalt Resurfacing for Surface Damage

The surface of your asphalt pavement can get easily damaged by weather and the pressure of vehicle traffic, and this kind of damage can persist if not halted by asphalt sealcoating. When there’s lots of areas of shallow damage, asphalt resurfacing is the recommended repair service. Asphalt milling and overlay removes a damaged surface layer to replace it with new pavement.

Contact Tri County Asphalt, Clovis CA’s Pavement Repair Experts

With over 25 years experience in the paving industry, we can tackle even the worst pavement damage. Since we keep up with all the latest in asphalt and concrete repair technology and source the highest quality paving products, we’ll be able to get your parking lot or asphalt driveway back to full function before you know it!

Have damaged pavement in Clovis CA? Contact Tri County Asphalt right away! We’ll get an asphalt expert out to your property quickly for a free site inspection and consultation.


Asphalt Sealcoating, Parking Lot Repair and Line Striping in Clovis CA

Regular pavement maintenance is so important for property managers to keep commercial and even multi-family residential properties safe and beautiful, but unfortunately ongoing asphalt maintenance services are often forgotten. Missed asphalt maintenance leaves parking lots and roadways open to damage from water, sun, and wear. That’s why it’s so important for property managers to partner with their local asphalt paving company for ongoing maintenance services.

A property manager in Clovis CA contact the most trusted paving company in Fresno County California, Tri County Asphalt Inc, in order to revitalize and protect their commercial parking lot and keep their visitors safe. Their parking lot had suffered some damage from wear and tear, including a pothole, surface deterioration, and faded parking lines. This last one is very dangerous, as faded pavement markings can lead to accidents.

To correct these problems, the asphalt professionals at Tri County Asphalt Inc recommended several different pavement maintenance services. First, parking lot repair filled in potholes and cracks on the asphalt surface to make it smooth. Next, they applied an asphalt sealcoat to the entire parking lot, which revitalized the damaged surface while also providing a layer of protection against weather. Finally, we restriped their parking lot using highly reflective, durable pavement paint.

With these parking lot maintenance services, we were able to take the Clovis CA commercial parking lot from drab and uninviting to smooth, beautiful, and safe! The property manager was so pleased that they contracted with our team for ongoing maintenance. It’s recommended that high traffic pavement gets repainted and sealcoated once every few years, so this is the smart move.

To keep your local parking lot looking good over the years, contact Tri County Asphalt Inc, Clovis CA’s trusted paving company.

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