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Tri County Asphalt Inc is the premier paving company in Delano CA and nearby communities in California’s San Joaquin Valley, and has been paving parking lots, roadways, and driveways in the area for over 25 years. We provide the best asphalt installation, pavement repair, and maintenance services possible, using only the highest quality products.

Asphalt Paving Services Offered in Delano CA

  • With licensing for paving work in California and full insurance on all our paving equipment and contractors, we take care of our people, both clients and employees.
  • To make sure our local clients feel heard, we always answer the phone promptly and communicate through every paving project.
  • We offer a wide variety of pavement solutions for your property’s problems, and we tailor our approach to your needs and budget.

All About Scenic Delano CA

Located only 30 miles north of Bakersfield CA, Delano is a city in Kern County with a 2010 Census population of just over 50,000 people, reflecting an increase of over 20,000 from the turn of the century. Taking advantage of the area’s temperate climate and long growing season that fuels California’s wine country, community’s major industry is currently and historically has been agriculture, growing mainly table grapes. There are also two major prisons nearby, Kern Valley Prison and North Kern State Prison.

The town was originally named for Secretary of the Interior at that time, Columbus Delano, when it was founded in 1869. It was the northern terminus of the Southern Pacific Railroad, booming as many railroad workers lived there. Almost a century later, the area was a hub for the worker’s rights movement led by Cesar Chavez, and was the site of a famous walkout by Chicano migrant farm workers called the Delano Grape Strike. The Delano Heritage Park celebrates this event and other aspects of local history with various engaging exhibits. There’s also a lot of fun to be had at the Aviator Casino at the Delano Municipal Airport, as well as local cafes and clubs.

Parking Lot Drain Installation and Asphalt Paving in Delano CA

A Delano, California business owner recently contacted us because their parking lot had water pooling in several areas that had caused serious problems with the asphalt over time. They searched for “the best parking lot repair company in Delano CA,” and found Tri County Asphalt, of course!

We answered quickly and were happy to go out to their commercial property for a pavement inspection to determine what was wrong. Not only was the asphalt pavement at the end of its life, it has suffered from water damage for years. Water is the enemy of asphalt, causing deterioration in several ways. One, it can physically wear away the surface layer of pavement, and when it soaks in, will break down the asphalt emulsion, exposing aggregates. Water can also flow into minor cracks and widen them when it freezes.

Fixing this local parking lot required several steps. First, we removed the old, damaged pavement to expose the sub-base. Next, we repaired and graded the sub-base so that water would flow away from the pavement. We also installed a concrete structure called a v gutter that lets water flow off the asphalt and into appropriate drainage systems. Finally, we paved the parking lot with new asphalt and performed line striping to make it good as new! The Delano CA property owner loves their new lot.

At TriCounty Asphalt, we work hard to solve your pavement issues while keeping your budget in mind using only the highest quality paving products and advanced methods. If your parking lot needs this kind of repair, don’t wait! Contact TriCounty Asphalt Inc right away!

Asphalt Overlay Tips and Info for Delano CA Property Owners

If you’re looking for a way to improve your damaged pavement without completely replacing it, an asphalt overlay might be a good asphalt repair service for your property. However, only a professional asphalt paving company can determine what kind of repair is going to be best for you.

Contact Tri County Asphalt, Tulare CA’s Trusted Paving Contractors for Asphalt Overlay

In Delano CA, Tri County Asphalt is the most reputable asphalt repair company with years of experience in all types of pavement damage. Our paving professionals can help you choose between a variety of pavement repair methods, getting your parking lot or driveway permanently repaired and even extending its life by years.

Asphalt Overlay Tips and Info for Delano CA Property Owners

First, what is an asphalt overlay?

This pavement repair process involves first cleaning a damaged paved surface to remove all debris or asphalt chips. Next, paving professionals apply a new layer of asphalt called an overlay. That’s it!

Why get an overlay?

To start with, it’s much cheaper than a full depth asphalt replacement while also providing a fresh pavement top layer. This new layer delays deterioration of the pavement and looks attractive.

When is asphalt overlay not enough?

Though it’s a cheap parking lot repair option, overlay must be performed over whole pavement. Any cracks or depressions that lie underneath the new asphalt layer will show through the overlay, so these things need to be fixed before the overlay can be performed.

What are overlay alternatives?

Sometimes a crack filling and asphalt sealcoating can work, but if damage is too great, asphalt milling, base layer repair, and asphalt resurfacing should be performed to create a new pavement layer.


Think overlay services can restore your California pavement?
Contact Tri County Asphalt for a pavement inspection to see if your pavement is a good candidate for asphalt overlay.


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