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Tri County Asphalt has become the trusted paving company in Reedley CA and other California communities because of our integrity and focus on quality on every paving job we do. With over 20 years in the paving industry, we have the expertise to tackle everything from parking lot installation to asphalt resurfacing on a driveway. We even work closely with local property managers on pavement maintenance plans.

Best Asphalt Paving in Reedley CA

  • Our trained paving contractors are not only well versed in asphalt paving techniques but also customer service, so we perform every paving job with excellent communication.
  • We maintain professional relationships with asphalt product suppliers and general contractors so that we can meet the needs of California property owners.
  • Our detailed estimates ensure that you understand every step in your paving or repair project.

All About Reedley CA

Located in the San Joaquin Valley CA along the Kings River, Reedly is an agricultural community that is fast becoming a sought-after place to live for those in California’s larger cities, as it’s about 20 miles from Fresno CA. As of the 2010 US Census, the population of Reedy was 24,194. The motto of the town is “The World’s Fruit Basket” because of their agricultural produce, but the town is officially named after Civil War veteran and local landowner Thomas Law Reed. Residents like to celebrate their cultural heritage, and host many popular annual festivals, inducing the Electrical Farm Equipment Parade and the Reedley Fiesta.

In addition to local festivals, there’s a lot to see and do in Reedley California. The Reedley Museum is a must, as they have all the information about the town’s history. The historical building once known as the Jansen Opera House still puts on plays and musical acts to this day. Reedley College Memorial Park is a shady spot for a picnic, and Reedley Beach is the best place to enjoy swimming and boating on King’s River. Though it may not be a big urban area like nearby Frenso, there’s a lot to enjoy during a trip to Reedley!

Driveway Paving: Asphalt Paving vs Chip Sealing Your Driveway

Homeowners who want a new driveway have options like chip seal or asphalt paving, and it can be hard to know which driveway paving type is best. A reputable residential paving company can help them decide.

In Reedley CA, Tri County Asphalt is the trusted driveway paving company, and we offer the most options for residential property owners who need a new driveway or a revamp of their existing driveway.

Driveway Paving: Asphalt vs Chip Seal

  • What do these options consist of?
  • Chip sealing refers to a process of paving that involves laying down a thin layer of asphalt and then layers of large aggregates like crushed stone that are compacted.
  • Asphalt, also known as blacktop, is a dark black petroleum based substance that’s liquid while hot and flexible when cured. It’s mixed with aggregates for stability.

Benefits of Driveway Chip Sealing

  • Cost Effective – Chip sealing is cheaper than asphalt paving.
  • Design Versatility – Paving contractors can use different colors and types of stone on top of the driveway, allowing for different colors and looks.
  • Cooler – Since it’s not dark black in color, a chip seal driveway doesn’t absorb sunlight and get hot.

Benefits of Asphalt Driveways

  • Durable – A well-constructed asphalt driveway can last up to 20 years or longer with proper pavement maintenance.
  • Attractive – As asphalt matches the street, it adds a classy element to your residential property.
  • High ROI – Your return on investment for asphalt is high, as it not only lasts a long time but adds to your residential property values.

Trust Tri County Asphalt for your driveway paving needs in Reedley CA.

Whether chip sealing or asphalt paving is the best for your residential property, you can trust that the most reputable and experienced paving company in Reedley California, Tri County Asphalt, has your back. We’ll come right out to inspect your driveway and consult about your needs.

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