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In Tulare CA, Tri County Asphalt Inc is the most trusted asphalt paving company, and we got there by providing top notch pavement maintenance, asphalt installation, and repair services for homeowners and commercial clients for over 25 years. We use only the highest quality paving processes and materials on every job to ensure the highest quality results.

Asphalt Paving Services Offered in the Tulare CA Area

  • Our professional paving crew is fully licensed for all asphalt work in California, and we carry the maximum amount of insurance on every piece of equipment and employee we have.
  • We always communicate closely with our clients to ensure that their concerns are heard and their needs are being met.
  • Every paving project requires a different approach, so we offer a wide variety of pavement solutions to fit every budget.

All About Tulare CA

The city of Tulare California is located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley nearby Bakersfield CA and Visalia CA, making it a centrally located hub for transporting goods around the state and the country. The population was just under 60 thousand residents as of the 2010 US Census, and the town shares a name both with the county and nearby Tulare Lake, a name which means “reeds” in Spanish. The town began as a hub for transportation and has remained so over the decades, with the addition of agricultural industry in the early twentieth century. During WWII, Tulare CA was home to both an airfield and a temporary detention center for Japanese Americans.

Today, the town is mainly an agricultural and dairy industry town, but that doesn’t exempt the area from California beauty and charm. It’s very close to the beautiful Sequoia National Park, which features some of the largest trees in the world. Adventure Park is another local attraction that’s fun for the whole family, and Mooney Grove Park is a historic spot to visit for an afternoon picnic. Being so close to other California towns like Fresno, there’s also a lot to do in the greater San Joaquin Valley area.

New Parking Lot and Asphalt Driveway near Tulare CA

California business owners can be worried when their commercial pavement gets damaged, but in communities in the Tulare area, Tri County Asphalt is there with the most cost-effective asphalt. We’re the most experienced and efficient asphalt paving company with over 25 years of asphalt experience in California. Recently a business owner in Lindsay CA called us about their asphalt parking lot, which needed to be ADA compliant.

They called the right company, because we were able to get a pavement assessor out to the property quickly. Our asphalt expert noticed a lot of potholes and damage to the parking areas, which had become a hazard for employees, both vehicle damage dangers and trip hazards. Asphalt breaks down over time when water soaks into pavement over the year and freezes, causing more and more cracks with every year that passes.

The parking lot at this business had suffered from this type of pavement deterioration, but the Tri County Asphalt crew was up to the challenge. After a thorough inspection and a consultation with the business owner, we determined that it was best to repave. In record time, we installed a new asphalt parking lot and made their entire property ADA compliant. This meant parking lot striping services as well as concrete ramps and safe, smooth sidewalks.

The client was happy to finally have a nice parking area for our customers and employees. If you’re a California business owner that needs help with your parking lot or concrete pavement, don’t wait! Call Tri County Asphalt right away!

Asphalt Overlay for Residential Driveway in Tulare CA

Tri County Asphalt Inc is the most experienced paving company in Tulare CA and surrounding communities, and we’re proud to help local residential property owners in California’s San Joaquin Valley improve their properties with new paving. Recently a homeowner in Tulare was having some problems with their residential driveway, and they weren’t sure what paving company to turn to.

The homeowner did a Google search for the best residential paving company in Tulare CA, and Tri County Asphalt Inc was the result. They were impressed by our online presence and customer testimonials, so gave us a call. We were able to get out to their scenic residential property quickly for a professional pavement inspection to see what kind of pavement repair or maintenance services were best.

Pavement maintenance services include things like sealcoating, which can smooth and protect a asphalt pavement that’s got a few little cracks or surface damage. Our paving experts discovered that this Tulare CA driveway was past the point where pavement maintenance services could help, and we discussed asphalt repair options with the property owner. They chose asphalt overlay services, which involved grading the existing driveway and then applying a new layer of hot asphalt.

The Tri County Asphalt crew were able to get the asphalt overlay performed in record time, and our new client was very pleased. They thought their new asphalt driveway looked great, and the work was right within their budget.

For this level of paving service for your asphalt driveway, contact Tri County Asphalt Inc today!

Pavement Maintenance for Tulare CA Property Owners

Everybody wants their parking lot or asphalt driveway to last as long as possible, but elements like sunlight, temperature changes, and weather can cause pavement deterioration. But there’s good news for California property owners! How? Pavement maintenance services from the most reputable local asphalt paving company. In Tulare CA, that’s Tri County Asphalt.

Pavement Maintenance Tips for Tulare CA Property Owners

The life cycle of your pavement can be extended or shortened depending on the type of pavement maintenance you perform and how regularly you perform it. Let’s look at ways to address pavement damage with different asphalt maintenance services.

Pavement Cleaning

To protect the surface of your pavement from breakdown due to dirt or chemicals, it’s important to keep it clean. This means professionals sweeping services that will remove dirt, debris, and vegetation. Power washing also removes spilled chemicals from vehicles like transmission fluid that can break down asphalt binders.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Sealcoating is one of the most effective pavement maintenance services because it not only restores the asphalt surface but also protects it against future wear. A sealcoating is a special type of liquid asphalt with very fine sand included that is spread evenly over the entire paved surface. It soaks in, restoring surface flexibility, as well as protecting it from UV ray and water penetration.

Parking Lot Striping

Just like the top asphalt surface, parking lines and painted curbs can fade from time and sun exposure. This can be super dangerous for vehicles trying to navigate the parking lot, so it’s vital to get your pavement repainted regularly. Parking lot line striping services help keep pavement markings, traffic arrows, parking stall lines, and safety paint fresh and bright for all visitors.

Contact Tri County Asphalt, Tulare CA’s Pavement Maintenance Experts

The most important thing property owners can do to extend the life of their pavement with maintenance services is to develop a relationship with a trusted local paving company. Asphalt professionals have the right products and processes to keep your pavement looking good for decades.

If you want to revitalize your pavement, whether that’s an asphalt driveway or a commercial parking lot, contact Tri County Asphalt right away!


Chip Seal and Asphalt Repair in Tulare CA

It can be tough for property owners when they’re faced with asphalt paving costs. When a parking lot, roadway, or commercial pavement gets damaged, the thought of expensive pavement repair can be daunting. But your local commercial paving company wants to help. In Tulare CA and surrounding communities, Tri County Asphalt Inc is this reputable and caring paving company, and we recently helped a local business owner upgrade their commercial pavement for a fraction of the cost they were expecting.

One of the ways we can help reduce commercial asphalt paving costs is with a process called chip sealing. A chip seal is a process that uses a thin layer of asphalt topped with layers of aggregates like crushed stones (or chips!). This is an ancient way of paving roadways, and offers several advantages over traditional asphalt paving, including lower costs.

Our Tulare CA business owner had a gravel roadway that was causing problems for his trucks with lots of dust obscuring visibility and little rocks damaging vehicles. Unfortunately, asphalt paving wasn’t in their budget, but the Tri County Asphalt commercial paving team was able to help with chip sealing and asphalt repair services. We provided a stable base over the existing gravel and soil. Our client was very happy with the results, saving money not only on paving but on vehicle maintenance.

If you need custom commercial pavement solutions for your local business, contact the asphalt paving pros at Tri County Asphalt Inc for a free estimate today!

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