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For over 25 years, Tri County Asphalt Inc has been providing high quality paving work to Visalia CA business owners and homeowners. We offer parking lot installation, asphalt repair, and ongoing pavement maintenance services using only the best asphalt products, the most advanced paving technologies, and the most professional paving contractors. Our asphalt and concrete services always result in beautiful, durable pavement.

Paving Services Offered in Visalia CA

  • As a flexible and experienced paving company, we offer a wide variety of cost-effective paving solutions to fit any size budget from complete pavement installation to ongoing maintenance.
  • Our professional paving services start with a thorough site inspection, include detailed interactive bids that list all processes, and include clear communication throughout the project.
  • We only employ trained, dedicated paving contractors so that our local clients can trust our integrity and workmanship.

All About Scenic Visalia CA

Located in Tulare County CA, Visalia is one of the largest cities in the San Joaquin Valley of California with a 2020 US Census population of 141,384. Only the cities of Fresno CA, Bakersfield CA, Stockton CA, and Modesto CA are larger. It is the county seat of Tulare county and a major economic hub of the mostly agricultural area. The city is nearby the Sierra Nevada mountains and three national parks: Kings Canyon, Sequoia, and Yosemite. Visalia stands out as a jewel with lots of historic buildings surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of California.

The city has historically be divided into different neighborhoods by locals, including: historic downtown Visalia, North Visalia, the Eastside, the Industrial Area, Mooney, and the Westside. Each neighborhood contributes something to the whole from industry to nightlife. Some of the historic buildings date to the town’s founding in the late 1800s, including the restored Fox Theater, which still holds concerts and events today. In addition to national parks and historic local parks like Mooney Grove, the town has lots of local restaurants and shops to explore.

When is Pavement Too Old for an Overlay?

When you have pavement that’s too damaged for more simple asphalt repair services, an asphalt overlay can be a great choice. It’s not a pavement repair that can be applied over and over again, however, and sometimes asphalt pavement can be too old for an overlay.

What is Asphalt Overlay?

What pavement professionals call an overlay is a new layer of asphalt laid over an existing asphalt surface, just like adding a new layer of shingles over a roof. It provides a new top layer, but it’s not always the right choice for pavement repair.

When is Pavement Too Old for an Overlay?

When you have damaged pavement, many property owners wonder if the recommended asphalt repair services will work or if their pavement is too old for an overlay. The answer depends on a lot of factors.

  • Pavement Age – When your asphalt pavement is more than 10-15 years old, overlay may not be a good fix.
  • Repeated Pavement Repairs – If your pavement has been repaired several times, these areas of new asphalt may not match the existing surface, and the old damage my show through the new layer.
  • Base Layer Compromised – If damage has gone down through the asphalt layers to the gravel base, a new layer on top won’t remain smooth and even.

Contact Tri County Asphalt, Visalia CA’s Pavement Repair Experts

With over 25 years experience in the paving industry, Tri County Asphalt is the most experienced paving company in the San Joaquin Valley area of California. Our asphalt experts can give your pavement a thorough inspection and work with you to find the repair services that will produce the best results for the lowest cost. This includes both asphalt overlay and full depth asphalt replacement.

Think asphalt overlay services can repair your broken pavement? Contact Tri County Asphalt right away!

Asphalt Paving Project Near Visalia CA

It may be hard to believe, but commercial asphalt isn’t just for retail parking lots. Your reputable asphalt paving company can help commercial property owners with a wide variety of sites to help make their jobs smoother, whether that’s manufacturing or farming. Recently, a property owner in Exeter CA with an agricultural business needed help with the land around their silo. At first, they weren’t sure who to call. After searching online for “the best paving company around Visalia CA,” Tri County Asphalt Inc was their first call.

Our experienced paving contractors were excited to help! First, we sent a trained pavement expert to inspect the site for free. After looking over the existing pavement on the property and listening to the customer’s concerns about dust and weeds around their silo, we worked out a budget-friendly asphalt paving project.

First, we removed some of the gravel as well as the vegetation and rocks on that area. Then we used compacting machines to grade the land, making sure water would flow away from the silo and the new pavement. Finally, we applied commercial grade asphalt in several levels in order to create the strongest pavement that would stand up to heavy trucks and last for decades.

The customer had been bothered by the dust and weeds in the area around their silo for a long time, and they were happy to have it looking good finally. If you’ve got some land in California that has been bothering you, contact the area’s most trusted paving contractors, Tri County Asphalt Inc.

Parking Lot Sealcoating Project in Visalia CA

At Tri County Asphalt Inc, we care about our local business owners, and we understand that completely replacing a parking lot can be a scary and costly project to undertake. We were recently contacted by a Visalia CA business owner who had a parking lot with cracks, damage, and a deteriorated surface. They were convinced they’d have to pay for a full pavement replacement.

After searching for the “best paving company in Visalia CA,” Tri County Asphalt came right up, and they gave us a call! One of our parking lot experts got right out to the property for a thorough pavement inspection, and we were able to recommend some parking lot repair services that would bring their pavement back to full function without breaking the bank. The business owner was pleasantly surprised!

Our parking lot sealcoating project in Visalia CA started with asphalt patching, which is when paving contractors remove and replace just a certain area of pavement. Next, we performed crack filling services on all the surface cracks, sealing them over and creating a solid surface. Next, we applied a sealcoating over the entire parking lot to smooth and protect the entire parking lot. Finally, we restriped the lot, painting over the parking lines and handicapped parking symbols. Their parking lot looked brand new!

Parking lots are a vital part of your business curb appeal, drawing in customers by showing you care about your commercial property, so it’s important to keep them in good repair. To get the best parking lot maintenance services in Visalia CA, Tri County Asphalt is the company to call.

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