Chip Seal and Asphalt Repair in Tulare CA

It can be tough for property owners when they’re faced with asphalt paving costs. When a parking lot, roadway, or commercial pavement gets damaged, the thought of expensive pavement repair can be daunting. But your local commercial paving company wants to help. In Tulare CA and surrounding communities, Tri County Asphalt Inc is this reputable and caring paving company, and we recently helped a local business owner upgrade their commercial pavement for a fraction of the cost they were expecting.

One of the ways we can help reduce commercial asphalt paving costs is with a process called chip sealing. A chip seal is a process that uses a thin layer of asphalt topped with layers of aggregates like crushed stones (or chips!). This is an ancient way of paving roadways, and offers several advantages over traditional asphalt paving, including lower costs.

Our Tulare CA business owner had a gravel roadway that was causing problems for his trucks with lots of dust obscuring visibility and little rocks damaging vehicles. Unfortunately, asphalt paving wasn’t in their budget, but the Tri County Asphalt commercial paving team was able to help with chip sealing and asphalt repair services. We provided a stable base over the existing gravel and soil. Our client was very happy with the results, saving money not only on paving but on vehicle maintenance.

If you need custom commercial pavement solutions for your local business, contact the asphalt paving pros at Tri County Asphalt Inc for a free estimate today!

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