Parking Lot Paving

Full Service Paving And Maintenance

For full service parking lot paving in the greater Fresno CA area, Tri County Asphalt Inc is the most reputable asphalt and concrete company. Our knowledgeable paving contractors have over a quarter century experience with commercial paving on parking lots, loading zones, apartment complexes, subdivisions, and more.


  • START WITH QUALITY ASPHALT PAVINGTo have an asphalt parking lot that lasts for decades, you need to start with proper asphalt installation. Every lot we install starts with a compacted, graded gravel aggregate base for stability. Next, we use only commercial-grade asphalt products to layer pavement in a depth appropriate for the traffic the area gets.
  • GET PARKING LOT FINSIHING SERVICESA parking lot is just asphalt pavement until it gets special parking lot paving services like sealcoating, line striping, and parking symbols applied with specialized paint and pavement stencils. Our experienced paving contractors can even install concrete curbs, ramps, walkways, and parking bumpers.
  • DON’T FORGET PARKING LOT REPAIR & MAINTENANCETo keep your pavement looking good and performing properly, you need a paving company that will stick by you with quality asphalt repair and maintenance services. Tri County Asphalt offers services like pothole repair, crack sealing, sealcoating, chip sealing, and much more to extend the life of your commercial parking lot.
  • PARKING LOT ADA COMPLIANCEThe Americans with Disabilities Act requires that all public spaces are accessible to all Americans, and this includes special parking spaces and ramps. Your experienced parking lot paving company knows all the ADA requirements and can ensure your lot meets them with services like line striping, parking signage, and concrete ramps.


In and around Fresno CA, Tri County Asphalt Inc are the parking lot experts, serving locals with the highest quality parking lot paving, repair, and maintenance services. As a local business, we’re proud to serve Southern California communities in and around Fresno County, towns like Visalia CA, Porterville CA, Bakersfield CA, Hanford CA, and Lemoore CA. We’re happy to make professional relationships with property managers, general contractors, commercial property owners, business owners, municipalities, or anybody who needs parking lot paving.

If your commercial property needs parking lot paving services, whether installation or repair, contact Tri County Asphalt for a free pavement consultation!

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