Parking Lot Repair


Parking lots are vital for a safe and welcoming commercial property, and business owners can be worried when their parking lot starts to deteriorate. That’s where your local reputable commercial paving company comes in with professional parking lot repair services.

In and around Fresno CA, Tri County Asphalt Inc is the trusted paving company for parking lot repair. We can take an old, dry, brittle parking lot full of potholes and cracks and turn it into a smooth, well-marked asphalt parking lot that’s inviting to customers and safe for employees. Let’s get into how our quality asphalt repair services can revamp a commercial parking lot.

How Parking Lot Repair Services Address Asphalt Damage

  • Crack Sealing – When water enters porous asphalt pavement, it can cause cracking when it freezes. Heavy loads and excess traffic can also cause cracks, but crack sealing services fill in cracks with quality asphalt products, keeping them from widening or deepening.
  • Asphalt Patching – For potholes and other distinct areas of pavement deterioration, asphalt patching repairs focus just on one specific area, replacing that asphalt and compacting it to match the existing pavement.
  • Asphalt Resurfacing – If there are multiple areas of asphalt damage, it’s more cost-effective to remove and replace the surface layers of pavement and create a whole new parking lot surface.
  • Concrete Repairs – If concrete curbs, walkways, bollards, or parking bumpers get damaged, the parking lot professionals at Tri County Asphalt can repair or install commercial concrete.
  • ADA Compliance – The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that all citizens can access public spaces, despite their mobility levels. For commercial property owners, this means that their parking lot needs ramps and specific signage. The parking lot experts at your trusted local paving company know how to fulfill all the regulations for accessible parking, and they can get your lot up to code with proven parking lot repair services like parking stencils.

Tri County Asphalt Inc: Fresno CA’s Parking Lot Repair Experts

If you need parking lot repairs in the greater Fresno California area, contact the parking lot experts at Tri County Asphalt Inc for a free consultation and pavement inspection

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