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Want to keep your commercial pavement or asphalt driveway looking good over the years? Professional pavement maintenance from Tri County Asphalt Inc, Fresno CA’s most reputable paving company, can get your parking lot, driveway, roadway, or any pavement back to full function as well as protect it from wear over time. Let’s look at how pavement maintenance services save asphalt pavement.

Best Pavement Maintenance Services in Fresno CA

Restorative vs Preventative Asphalt Maintenance

When it comes to asphalt driveway or parking lot maintenance, there are two categories for paving services: restorative and preventative services.

  • Restorative Pavement Services – These paving processes focus on mitigating mild asphalt damage and restoring pavement to full function. Asphalt resurfacing services like chip sealing and overlays create a brand new top asphalt surface, both fixing minor damage like cracks but also providing a layer of protection. They are best performed on pavement with a stable base layer.
  • Preventative Asphalt Services – These types of pavement maintenance services are concerned with keeping the elements from damaging pavement in the future, and they often extend the life of asphalt by years if not decades. Preventative pavement maintenance includes seal coating and line striping.

Asphalt Surface Treatments

These pavement maintenance services focus on the top few layers of asphalt pavement to both rehabilitate deteriorated asphalt as well as protect the surface from damage from water penetration, oxidation, and UV rays.

  • Sealcoating – This service involves spreading a specially mixed asphalt product over the top of the pavement, which soaks into the worn pavement to restore it while also creating a layer of protection against water, wear, and UV rays.
  • Slurry Sealing – Slurry sealing is similar to a sealcoating, only the pavement product is thicker, creating a deeper new surface layer.
  • Chip Sealing – This process applies a liquid coating as well as crushed rock “chips” that create a new surface with superior traction.

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It doesn’t have to be hard to keep your pavement in good condition. Contact Southern California’s trusted paving company for a free pavement inspection and see what Tri County Asphalt Inc can do for your property!

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