New Parking Lot and Asphalt Driveway near Tulare CA

California business owners can be worried when their commercial pavement gets damaged, but in communities in the Tulare area, Tri County Asphalt is there with the most cost-effective asphalt. We’re the most experienced and efficient asphalt paving company with over 25 years of asphalt experience in California. Recently a business owner in Lindsay CA called us about their asphalt parking lot, which needed to be ADA compliant.

They called the right company, because we were able to get a pavement assessor out to the property quickly. Our asphalt expert noticed a lot of potholes and damage to the parking areas, which had become a hazard for employees, both vehicle damage dangers and trip hazards. Asphalt breaks down over time when water soaks into pavement over the year and freezes, causing more and more cracks with every year that passes.

The parking lot at this business had suffered from this type of pavement deterioration, but the Tri County Asphalt crew was up to the challenge. After a thorough inspection and a consultation with the business owner, we determined that it was best to repave. In record time, we installed a new asphalt parking lot and made their entire property ADA compliant. This meant parking lot striping services as well as concrete ramps and safe, smooth sidewalks.

The client was happy to finally have a nice parking area for our customers and employees. If you’re a California business owner that needs help with your parking lot or concrete pavement, don’t wait! Call Tri County Asphalt right away!

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