Parking Lot Sealcoating Project in Visalia CA

At Tri County Asphalt Inc, we care about our local business owners, and we understand that completely replacing a parking lot can be a scary and costly project to undertake. We were recently contacted by a Visalia CA business owner who had a parking lot with cracks, damage, and a deteriorated surface. They were convinced they’d have to pay for a full pavement replacement.

After searching for the “best paving company in Visalia CA,” Tri County Asphalt came right up, and they gave us a call! One of our parking lot experts got right out to the property for a thorough pavement inspection, and we were able to recommend some parking lot repair services that would bring their pavement back to full function without breaking the bank. The business owner was pleasantly surprised!

Our parking lot sealcoating project in Visalia CA started with asphalt patching, which is when paving contractors remove and replace just a certain area of pavement. Next, we performed crack filling services on all the surface cracks, sealing them over and creating a solid surface. Next, we applied a sealcoating over the entire parking lot to smooth and protect the entire parking lot. Finally, we restriped the lot, painting over the parking lines and handicapped parking symbols. Their parking lot looked brand new!

Parking lots are a vital part of your business curb appeal, drawing in customers by showing you care about your commercial property, so it’s important to keep them in good repair. To get the best parking lot maintenance services in Visalia CA, Tri County Asphalt is the company to call.

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