Pavement Maintenance Project Near Hanford CA

For proper asphalt maintenance for commercial pavement like parking lots and business parks, property managers need the most experienced paving company in their local area. In Hanford CA, property management companies trust Tri County Asphalt, the most reputable asphalt paving company in Fresno, Kern, and Tulare Counties CA.

Recently, a property manager in Hanford CA reached out to our asphalt experts about how to keep their commercial pavement looking good. They had a large commercial parking lot for a business park that was starting to suffer from common older pavement problems like cracks, surface wear, as well as faded parking lines and curb paint.

This common parking lot damage occurs from exposure to UV rays, water, oxygen, and the physical motion of tires over the asphalt surface, and sadly, this kind of parking lot wear is inevitable. However, certain pavement maintenance services can not only fix these pavement problems but prevent them in the future: crack sealing, sealcoating, and line striping.

Crack filling services seal over pavement cracks to ensure they don’t get larger. Sealcoating lays down a protective layer of asphalt, and parking lot line striping revitalizes the bright traffic paint that tells drivers were to park.

The Tri County Asphalt paving crew were able to quickly revitalize the entire parking lot with crack filling, sealcoating, and line striping services without impacting the businesses on the property. The property manager was very pleased with our hard work, and let us know that they were particularly impressed with our communication for such a large parking lot maintenance job with multiple tenants.

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