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Asphalt Road Crack Fill and Sealcoating in Lemoore CA

As the most reputable asphalt paving company in the greater San Joaquin Valley area, Tri County Asphalt Inc is dedicated to keeping local drivers safe by repairing and maintaining local roadways in municipalities all over central California. We recently helped repair a road in Lemoore CA with proven asphalt repair and maintenance methods.

Asphalt road maintenance is vital to keep drivers safe, as even small cracks in pavement can cause tire damage and vehicle accidents. Asphalt repairs on roadways also need to be long-lasting and durable to withstand traffic, while also cost effective to save local communities money. The general contractor for Lemoore CA knew that Tri County Asphalt Inc can be trusted to perform quality asphalt repairs and pavement maintenance services, so they gave us a call.

The Tri County Asphalt team got out to the road site to perform a professional asphalt inspection and determine exactly the best paving services to correct the damage they found. The roadway wasn’t in too bad shape, with some surface deterioration as well as shallow and narrow cracks running across the asphalt surface, called latitudinal cracks. The best way to address this kind of damage is with crack filling and asphalt sealcoating services.

Pavement crack sealing services involve pouring or injecting hot liquid asphalt emulsions into cracks to seal them up, preventing water and debris from entering the crack and worsening it. An asphalt sealcoating is a thin coating of a similar emulsion that is sprayed or spread over the pavement surface for a seal and a layer that protects against wear and deterioration. Both of these services are cost effective and will protect these roadways for months to years.

If you want to protect your asphalt pavement with these types of services, contact Tri County Asphalt Inc right away!

Pavement Maintenance for Tulare CA Property Owners

Everybody wants their parking lot or asphalt driveway to last as long as possible, but elements like sunlight, temperature changes, and weather can cause pavement deterioration. But there’s good news for California property owners! How? Pavement maintenance services from the most reputable local asphalt paving company. In Tulare CA, that’s Tri County Asphalt.

Pavement Maintenance Tips for Tulare CA Property Owners

The life cycle of your pavement can be extended or shortened depending on the type of pavement maintenance you perform and how regularly you perform it. Let’s look at ways to address pavement damage with different asphalt maintenance services.

Pavement Cleaning

To protect the surface of your pavement from breakdown due to dirt or chemicals, it’s important to keep it clean. This means professionals sweeping services that will remove dirt, debris, and vegetation. Power washing also removes spilled chemicals from vehicles like transmission fluid that can break down asphalt binders.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Sealcoating is one of the most effective pavement maintenance services because it not only restores the asphalt surface but also protects it against future wear. A sealcoating is a special type of liquid asphalt with very fine sand included that is spread evenly over the entire paved surface. It soaks in, restoring surface flexibility, as well as protecting it from UV ray and water penetration.

Parking Lot Striping

Just like the top asphalt surface, parking lines and painted curbs can fade from time and sun exposure. This can be super dangerous for vehicles trying to navigate the parking lot, so it’s vital to get your pavement repainted regularly. Parking lot line striping services help keep pavement markings, traffic arrows, parking stall lines, and safety paint fresh and bright for all visitors.

Contact Tri County Asphalt, Tulare CA’s Pavement Maintenance Experts

The most important thing property owners can do to extend the life of their pavement with maintenance services is to develop a relationship with a trusted local paving company. Asphalt professionals have the right products and processes to keep your pavement looking good for decades.

If you want to revitalize your pavement, whether that’s an asphalt driveway or a commercial parking lot, contact Tri County Asphalt right away!


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